Taina Berardi Yoga Therapy #YTRx

Meet Taina!

🧘🏽‍♀️ Yoga + Meditation
❤️ Self-Love Advocate
👩🏽‍💻 Business + Marketing
🌱 Plant Based Lifestyle
⛰ Hiking Enthusiast
🌎 EcoTourism
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Taina Berardi is a health educator and Yoga Therapist that integrates movement therapy, meditation, breathwork and the creative arts to build custom solutions for her clients. Taina guides classes, workshops, retreats and corporate wellness programs to invigorate and educate staff and students about lifestyle ergonomics and developing healthy habits in order to reduce stress, remediate chronic pain and heal from disease of the body, mind and spirit. Taina is passionate about working with underserved populations and community-based organizations in order to provide low-income and minority groups direct access to the benefits of health education and integrative wellness. 

Formerly a corporate marketing and communications executive in the electronic entertainment industry, Taina worked with brands like SONY, Star Wars, DC Comics, and Marvel Universe spending more than 15-years crafting product development strategy and mass-market promotional campaigns focused on understanding consumer behavior and economic habits in online communities and digital spaces. After earning her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from San Diego State University, she was able to combine her passions for yoga, meditation and holistic healing with her years of business experience to mentor, consult and develop strategy and marketing for emerging organizations and health/fitness entrepreneurs who aspire to bring total well-being to the masses.

Taina embarked on her yoga and meditation journey as a means of physical exercise and a way to manage stress while in college. Along the path, she experienced an awakening to the limitless benefits of integrating yoga off the mat and into a lifestyle that helped her to heal from injury, connect with self and a universal spirit, as well as navigate the hectic patterns of daily life and the demands of a high-level corporate job. More than a decade later, after finishing her MBA, Taina gifted herself Yoga Teacher Training for a job well done and found a lifelong passion in teaching yoga and meditation, helping others realize their powers for optimal health and wellness.

Taina is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200), a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) trained in meditation stress reduction and relaxation techniques including pranayama breathwork, energy balance and chakra healing, compassion cultivation, aromatherapy, sound healing, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa, Yin and Sculpt asana instruction and is currently attending the IAYT-accredited Yoga Therapy program in the LMU Center for Religion & Spirituality which prepares yoga instructors to serve clients with health challenges in private, group and clinical settings.

Taina is inspired to share the limitless benefits of yoga and meditation with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds. Her teaching focus is in democratizing yoga, creating accessible movement, meditation and mindfulness lessons for all walks of life to experience the healing benefits and observe positive personal transformation as the seeds of yogic wisdom sprout and propagate in their minds, bodies and communities. Taina truly believes that yoga has something to offer for everyone! But, those who could most benefit from its teachings are often the students who are reluctant to try it due to dis-ease of the mind, body or spirit complex; pain from injury and illness; mental challenges; or a lack of awareness of how yoga can apply to their individual lives. As a woman of color that comes from a family of migrant farm workers and immigrants, it is just as important to her to respect the teachings of yoga as it is to respect the diversity of students that may cross her path. With this knowledge, Taina combines her knowledge of holistic methodologies to create compassion and educational opportunities for her clients and students, facilitating accessible, integrative healing as a means of restoration and revitalization, so they too can live a happy, healthy existence.

Taina grew up in Oakland, CA and now lives the life of her dreams in San Diego, CA where she runs her business and enjoys the great outdoors whenever she can– hiking the many desert mountains, biking throughout the city and heading to the beach to enjoy the surf, sun and sand. Along with teaching weekly public classes, workshops and consulting with local health and wellness businesses, Taina is on the board of directors for the Media Arts Center San Diego a non-profit organization that produces the annual San Diego Latino Film Festival and provides youth and adults new media tools and extensive education programs to ensure underserved voices are heard via films and new media, from behind the scenes, in-front of the camera and beyond. Taina also spends some of her free time having fun with the creative arts of painting, singing with her band and designing jewelry for her company Adornments for the Soul.

Taina is currently taking on new clients for whom she creates completely tailored offerings unique to their needs and constitution– mind, body, spirit and soul! Take one one of her public classes, book a private Yoga Therapy consultation, join an upcoming workshops or work together in business strategy session.

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